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Gorkha Municipality announces approx Nrs. 80 crore budget in its Municipal Assembly

Gorkha Municipality has recently completed its third municipal assembly. Being held in 31st of asr, the programme was the continuation of the program held in 10th of asar, 2075 B.S. The budget announced for 075/076 fiscal year for programme and regulation was Nrs. 79 crore 93 lakh 72 thousand 4 hundred and 47 rupees.

The sources of the budget are as follows: from revenue 4 crore 12 lakhs, 24 crore 14 lakh 85 thousand from NG (bittiye samanikaran), 9 crore 10 lakh 45 thousand from distribution of revenue, 27 crore 52 lakhs from NG (sasart anudaan), 8 crore 10 lakh from social security alowance leaving it to a total of 68 crore 87 lakh 31 thousand and 1 crore 35 lakhs 73 thousand from provincial government, 74 lakh 68 thousand 4 hundred and 47 from revenue distribution leaving it to a figure of 2 crore 10 lakhs 41 thousand 447 rupees and 60 lakhs from road board nepal, 3 crore from municipality development fund leaving it to total figure of 78 crore 69 lakhs 72 thousand 4 hundred and 4 rupees. Insufficient fund of Nrs. 1 crore 24 lakhs would be fulfilled by loan procedures from central government. 

Similarly, Prem Basnet and Shila Thapa were awarded as the best officers of gorkha municipality.