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World Environment Day program continuity by plantation program at Saraswati School

Under the 7 days programme as planned for the celebration of world environment day, today gorkha municipality has planted 100 plants at saraswati school. The main theme of the world environment day 2018 is "Beat plastic pollution. If you cant reuse it, refuse it."

Regarding celebration of World Environment Day

On the auspicious occassion of world environment day, gorkha municipality has arranged different programmes at different places and time as below:



Welcoming Province 4, Province President Baburam Kunwar in gorkha

Gorkha Municipality has welcomed province 4, province president Baburam Kunwar in gorkha. Welcoming province president, Rajan Raj Panta Mayor of Gorkha Municipality stated gorkha is in the footprints of development and is developing rapidly.