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Training regarding social accountability tools

Gorkha Municipality has recently finished enhancing the skill of its municipal members by providing adequate and feasible training regarding social accountability tools.

Hospital Waste Management Interaction Programme

Gorkha Municipality has initiated several interaction programmes among which hospital waste management program is a prior one.

Yearly Progress Appraisal Programme

Gorkha Municipality has demonstrated its yearly progress report. With the chairmanship of Mayor Rajan Raj Panta, DDC member Man Prasad Dhital and other personalities from different offices, gorkha municipality demonstrates its progress in fiscal year 2074/75 to be 94.07%.

IPT and MAS training initiation

Gorkha Municipality has started 3 day training about IPT and MAS. The aim of the programme is to extend the tax service in wards so that people could get service from their own locality. The presidency of the programme was carried bout by Mayor, Rajan Raj Panta.

Induction programme of Community WASH improvement project

Community Infrastructure and Livelihood Recovery Programme (CILRP), Induction programme of Community WASH improvement project has been initialized in Gorkha Municipality.